You can surf in a park, garden, or mountain, you only need a little snow and and a desire to have fun. Slopedeck offers you speed if the turns, it's very light and intuitive and provides you with excellent curving in all snow conditions.


The perfect hybrid between skate and snowboard

Patent-pending Morphteck Bases and dual-density shock absorption make Slopedecks the most nimble snowskate around.

It's perfect if you love skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding, you will very quickly adapt and from the first moment you can experience and create new challenges. What if you do not have experience surfing or in the snow? Slopedeck is also a perfect start as it allows you to evolve at your own pace and gradually assume new challenges.

More and more of us are hooked on Snowskate, join us!


The idea of surfing on snow has been around for decades. Snowboarding and snowskates offer up their own unique dynamics, but they still don't capture the flow and elemental feel of surfing. Powder Surfing and "Noboarding" are the closest we've come to surfing on snow.

They're great fun, but unfortunately they're limited to powder. Thus we endeavored to design a board that captures the true essence of surfing and skateboarding in a broader range of snow conditions.